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SmartSens Technology Co., Ltd is a leading supplier of state-of-the-art CMOS imaging system worldwide, delivering innovative, customer-focused and award-winning high-quality imaging solutions for security and surveillance, consumer, automotive, and other mass market applications.
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Seasonalife is designed for licensed insurance advisors who want an alternative to saving and searching through piles of brochures and insurance company systems. The digital insurance platform incorporates algorithms and machine-learning techniques that help evaluate customer profiles to provide personalized recommendations. Its mission is to become the “private actuary” to advisors and end-customers, making insurance smart and friendly again.
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PreciVax Therapeutics is a biotech startup dedicated to developing innovative vaccines for antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Founders of PreciVax are from the University of Hong Kong with more than 9 years’ experience in vaccine research and development.
eTopus Technology (HK) Ltd. is an innovator and leader of ultra-high speed interconnect technology, designing mixed-signal semiconductor solutions for enterprise, cloud data center and high-performance computing which are vital to the growing Big Data and Artificial Intelligence applications. eTopus was founded in 2013 and the founders have years of experience developing high-speed mixed signal DSP-based semiconductor products for communication systems.
Efinix is an innovator on the programmable logic industry with Efinix™ Programmable Accelerator (EPA) technology. With 20 years developing FPGAs for companies such as Altera, Xilinx, Lattice, and AT&T Bell Labs, and over 40 US and international patents. The Co-founders led and contributed to the development of most advanced FPGA architectures available today.
Look more at:http://www.efinixinc.com/

BacMuno Biotechnology Limited is a Hong Kong based pharmaceutical biotechnology company devoting to the discovery, development and commercialization of cancer immunotherapies that stimulate patients’ own immune system to fight cancer.
Its goal is to fundamentally change cancer therapy by applying our advanced unique Salmonella based technology, to create bacteria-based immunotherapies against cancer in both human and animal.
CYC aims to take Electric Mountain Biking to a new level and promote the use of electric bike. The team has developed a holistic package of parts and services that turns ordinary bikes into smart electric mountain bikes, which includes mobile App, data analysis, sensors and design, to enhance the electric mountain biking experiences.
GeneSense is an IC design company focusing on DNA sequencing chip, which is the key component of next-generation semiconductor DNA sequencer. The founders are multi-disciplinary scientists from both DNA sequencer and semiconductor companies in Silicon Valley. Its mission is to develop the fast, accurate and low-cost DNA sequencer based on semiconductor technology, especially for clinic application.
Sourcebrella is a spin-off from HKUST. The flagship product, Pinpoint, can analyze source code automatically to locate hundreds of software vulnerabilities, and illustrate how each vulnerability is triggered. Pinpoint has been accepted by many customers, including leading Internet content providers, consumer electronics manufacturers, companies that use smart manufacturing, and authoritative software evaluation agencies.
Easiread aims to improve reading fluency for people with reading difficulties, and thus enable them to learn independently. With personalized setting, Easiread can be applied to any websites to enhance the reading process and make it more comfortable for everyone.
Look more at: http://www.easiread.com/

Aromeo is designed to meet the needs of scent marketing and aromatherapy in hospitality and retail industries. Its flagship product, Aromeo Diffuser, allows customization, automation and value-added aroma delivery to fit the digital age. Aroma Pods, the unique aroma refill capsules that come together with the Diffuser, are 100% natural and therapeutic essential oil. Aromeo provides full control for Aromeo Diffuser through application and control panels, which can further track business analytics for its clients.
Look more at: https://www.aromeodiffuser.com/

Viewider is an e-commerce search engine designed for merchants, which provides big data analysis for online marketplaces like eBay, Amazon and Rakuten. Merchants could search on Viewider and instantly get market data like sales performance, hot search keywords & suggested selling price for accurate business decision making. Now Viewider is eBay & Amazon Web Service preferred solution provider and has served over 2,500 merchants in Hong Kong, China & Taiwan. The annual GMV transaction is over US $360mil.
Look more at: https://viewider.com/

Novel Sonics focuses on novel ultrasound imaging techniques for cardiovascular diseases diagnosis, including algorithm and software development related to shear wave elastography, strain imaging and ultrafast ultrasound imaging for investigating the properties and function of the heart and blood vessels. Novel Sonics’ ultimate goal is to develop a medical ultrasound platform, which can be integrated with existing ultrasound devices on the market, for fast, noninvasive and economical diagnosis and monitoring of various cardiovascular diseases.
NanoBioImaging Ltd. (NBI) aims to develop and commercialize advanced bio-imaging techniques in both research and clinical areas. The team has commercialized Super Resolved Fluorescence Microscopy and achieved 20nm resolution. The product has been sold to many institutions such as The University of Hong Kong, Sun Yat-sen University, and Sichuan Chinese Medicine Academy and so on. Besides, the team is providing bio-imaging services.
Look more at: http://www.nanobioimaging.com/index-en.html

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