Portfolio Companies


SocialFace takes advantage of data mining, artificial learning, facial recognizing and social profiling; it is an algorithm intense tech start-up that dedicated to provide solution to events, forums, and big scale conferences. It provides a smart user experience to the event hosts and optimize the experience in media recording, streaming, interaction, and more. Most importantly, SocialFace integrates the offline social event to our AI backend in order to provide social value in the future both to B l-end and C-end. SocialFace dedicated to deep dive in the selected market and keep innovating its tech/algorithm and eventually influence the industry.
VoiceAI Technologies Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise with advanced technologies such as computer auditory and big data analysis. It has the world's leading artificial intelligence original technology such as voiceprint recognition and speech recognition that provide customers with safe, efficient and stable integrated identification and intelligent voice solutions for a wide range of applications in finance, social security, public security, government, Internet of Things, and intelligent hardware. Established in 2016, it has engaged lots of large-scale national projects.
Bone’s Technology Limited is a R&D company of orthopaedic medical device. The founding team consists of doctoral candidates, graduates and professors of the HKU Li Ka Shing Medical School. The mission of the company is to prevent osteoporotic fractures in elderly people and to improve any associated treatments. Our team has successfully developed the world's leading system in fracture prevention and treatment for the elderly, consisting of software solution based on artificial-intelligence, bioactive bone fillers and minimally invasive devices. Bone’s Technology Limited adheres to the optimization of product quality, providing sustainable solutions, improving the health and quality of life for the elderly.
ORCA-TECH is a technical startup focusing on intelligent waters cleaning USV(Unmanned Surface Vehicle), regarding “Cleaning the urban capillary waters for decreasing oceans plastics”as the main task.ORCA-TECH is founded in 2017 and consists of Phds and masters from Tsing University, Northwest Polytechnical University and other famous faculties. Currently, the waters self-driving technology and waters cleaning products landing capacity,which have already landed in Britain, Spain, Ningbo, Jiaxing and Xi’an, are the two main points for ORCA-TECH. In the future, ORCA-TECH will create cluster technology through cloud-platform and 5G for application in hundreds of waters and explore more applications and possibilities for USV ( Unmanned Surface Vehicle).
For more information, check out: http://orca-tech.cn/

Hestia Technology Limited is a Hong Kong based robotics company devoting to the development and commercialization of robotic technologies and solutions in Chinese cuisines. It runs a concept restaurant named “Hestia Kitchen”, which is the first robotic kitchen in Hong Kong. Through technological innovation, Hestia hopes to bring revolution to the making of Chinese food.
VSS (HK) Ltd. was established in Dec. 2018.
VSS focuses on non-contact sensors and system construction, establish a big data database of vital and motion sensing and localize technology and data. Based on independent research and development of artificial intelligence (AI) image analysis,combined with the application of Thermal Imaging and Radar Physiology Sensing Module (SIL Radar),Provides complete solutions for sensing, IoT, and big data analytics to meet vertical market needs including smart homes, medical care, security surveillance, industry 4.0, technology farming, and smart retail.
Prevision technology is committed to develop the next generation machine vision technologies and systems which are intelligent, reliable, efficient and flexible. We develop novel illumination and imaging optics system for machine vision, and deep learning based software platform and equipment. Our product can be widely applied to product inspection and quality control on field of consumer electronics, automotive, and semi-conductor, etc.
Axial is a Hong Kong licensed investment manager which operates a first-of-its-kind independent managed accounts platform for wealth managers and professional investors across Asia. It offers a range of multi-currency global and international investment strategies which have low minimum investment thresh-holds, and can be tailored to individual client preferences. Each investor beneficially owns the investments in their own account, with full transparency of individual holdings, transactions, fees and charges.
Axial is backed by global industry leaders in asset management and investment analytics, and run by an experienced team with a reputation for investment and operational excellence.
WALNUTT was founded by HKUST graduatee Henri PANG in 2015 being mentored by the Chairman of DJI Prof. Zexiang Li and former Dean of Engineering of HKUST Prof. Pin K. Ko. Focusing on design and develop electric personal mobility product, WALNUTT has launched a series of SPECTRA Electric Skateboard, and also won 3 Red Dot Design Awards, 1 IDEA Design Awards and CES 2018 Innovation Awards. WALNUTT has the mission to being a worldwide tech-fashion brand.
For more information, check out: https://www.walnutt.com/