Mr. Herbert Chia

Sequoia Capital China Fund Expert Partner
Guoxin Yi Yi Data Research Institute Dean
Coastal TEDA Logistics (HK: 08348) Non-Executive Director
National Beacon Bureau of large data standards working group deputy head
Member of the Hong Kong SAR Innovation and Technology and Re-industrialization Committee
large data commissioner of Guiyang City
large data laboratory experts for Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Justice
Deputy Director of CCF Big Data Committee
Associate Professor, School of Management, Zhejiang University (large data project)
Education Steering Committee, Tsinghua University
Advisory Committee of Big Data Institute - HKUST
Former vice president of Alibaba Group
Original Ali Health (HK: 00241) Independent Director
Former Ali Data Committee
With more than 10 years of rich experience in the actual data, and in practice the formation of a unique data of thinking and management; personally led the Ali data team in the field of large data practice, has made a series of important results Including establishment of the Group's business and decision-making framework for the Group's business groups, the development of intelligent data products, the establishment of drive group data management team, the successful launch of the public and proprietary data asset management system, also released data security Norms .