Dr. Guowei Xiao

APT Eletronics
Agjunct Professor XJTU
Dr Xiao together with a group of engineers associated with HKUST founded Advanced Photoelectronic Technology Ltd (APT) in 2006.
The company successfully developed the scalable S3 Light Source technology which marks the new chapter for the lighting industry. "It is envisaged that the traditional light bulbs will be replaced with high brightness and energy saving LED lighting in future." Dr Xiao tells.
With its production plant in Taipo and Nansha IT Park, Dr Xiao and his research team has set up its research base in Science Park. APT has undergone a big bounce in business while its research reaps rewards. Dr Xiao is happy to work with a few young alumni engineers who have been involved in filing patents for important innovations. It exemplifies the role model of cross border economic integration.